Company Profile  
ELGAB L-G Johansson AB in Smedjebacken, Sweden designs and delivers customised RFID solutions for industrial applications. Our flexible organisation and technical expertise makes it possible to customise our  systems even for smaller projects.   

In 1975 ELGABs founder Lars-Göran Johansson finished his job at ABB (ASEA at that time) to start the company that was to become ELGAB. At first we worked with many kinds of  industrial electronics. For an example systems for energy-management in industries and business buildings and control systems for different machineries. We became involved in a lot of different projects including the development of HVDC filters for ABB. Due to the problems in the Swedish industry during the early 90ís ELGAB needed to find a new line of work to survive.    

When ELGAB came across RFID technology in 1992 we instantly realised the potential of RFID technology in industrial applications. We started to develop our own RFID system with the industrial needs in mind.   

In 1993 we delivered our first complete RFID system to the laundry industry. We designed the system in co-operation with a system-integrator that was specialised in the field of laundry handling.   

Our strengths 
ELGAB have specialised in customising our products to fit our customers needs and to find the best solution for their applications. So far we have mainly worked with industrial applications like laundry systems and domestic waste handling. ELGAB have also been involved in the development of several demo- and pilot-systems for a broad spectrum of applications, like the development of an airport baggage handling system.   

Our long and broad experience of  all kinds of industrial controls together with our expertise and experience in the RFID-area makes us good at investigating and realising ideas and integrating RFID into other systems. We are always interested in new ideas and projects and welcomes all suggestions and inquires.  

Product Range 
There are many different types of ELGAB Readers and Antennas. All built to be easy to adjust and customise for every specific customer.  

We have ELGAB RFID Readers for desktop use, for fixed industrial use and all-weather outdoor units. We can also supply small hand-held units. Most of our Readers have got a built in RS232 or RS485 computer interface for communication with  a host computer. Some of our Readers have digital outputs to control external functions as well.  

The ELGAB RFID Antennas comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. We have fixed Antennas, small portable Antennas, all weather-Antennas etc. All in different sizes.  

Through co-operation with several manufacturers we can supply a great variety of Tags with different IC-circuits (read only and read/write of different memory sizes) and with different kinds of encapsulation. Everything from ultra-thin plastic foil through glassfiber reinforced epoxy to glass can be supplied. Therefore we can optimise the Tag type for the best possible result in any application.