ELGAB is cooperating with several tag manufacturers. We  can supply tags in many different shapes and sizes, with the right IC-chip for your application We can even to some degree customize and adapt the tags for specific applications. The list below shows the tags we normally have in stock.  

You can order a tag demo-kit from the Info-material page.

TCC 103 20 RFID Tags 
 Glass Tags  
These "pill-shaped" little tags are great for a lot of different applications. A ferrite rod inside the coil keeps the reading distance up even though the tag is quite small.  
TCC 103 20 l=13,3 d=3,15
Epoxy Tags   
The epoxy housing makes these tags the most durable in our range. They can be used in almost any environments and temperatures. Very good reading distances can be reached thanks to the big coil.
TCC 220 20  d=20 t=0,8 mm
TCC 230 20 d=30 t=0,8 mm
TCC 250 20  d=50 t=0,8 mm
PET Tags  
These tags are developed to be as thin and flexible as possible. They are ideal for applications where the tag is to be hidden or intergrated in other  materials, like paper or cardboard. Can be delivered with adhesive on one or both sides.
TCC 320 20 d=20 t=0,3
TCC 330 20 d=30 t=0,3 
TCC 350 20 d=50 t=0,3
Credit Card Tags  
TCC ISO 20 looks like an ordinary credit card. The considerable difference is that there is a RFID tag inside. Perfect for security and access applications where you need to keep your tag in the wallet.
TCC ISO 20 l=50 w=0,3 t= 0,8
TCC ISO 21 With one HC-strip
TCC ISO 22 With two HC-strips